All Dying Light 2 Juan choices, and whether to drink, help or stick with Matt

These Dying Light 2 Juan choices force you to decide whether to work with him or stick with Matt, and if you’ll accept a celebratory drink from him. However, Juan obviously appears to be a bit of a slippery (and not especially pleasant) character, but he’s clearly connected and might be the business partner Aiden needs in Dying Light 2. We’ll lay out all the Dying Light 2 Juan choices below, including what to say when meeting him for the first time, whether to drink, and if you want to help him instead of Jack Matt.

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Ask Juan for Help, Threaten Juan, or Convince Juan it’s worth his while to trust you

Dying Light 2 juan drink refuse choice

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The first big choice will be a conversation with Juan wherein you have to persuade him to work with you, and can either ask for help, threaten him, or play to his business interests. In reality, it’s not a choice – no matter what you pick, you end up doing the same mission anyway, so it’s a bit of prevarication before you do the gameplay. Feel free to answer however you want, and he’ll ask you to try again until getting bored and ends the conversation. This leads into the same quest to empty an art dealer’s apartment, and it won’t change depending on what you said.

Should you refuse or Drink with Juan in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 juan drink refuse choice

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After raiding the apartment and coming back with some fine hooch to win over Juan, he seems ready to hear your proposal, and even offers you a cup to toast your future business prospects. Here you can choose to refuse or drink Juan’s booze, and again, it’s not a meaningful choice. It might feel like refusing would offend him – it’s an expensive drink, after all – but if you decline he simply makes a comment about it being smart not to mix business and romance. Accept and you have the drink, and then just get on with the negotiations much the same. Again, pick whichever one you think fits the situation and your interpretation of Aiden, because it doesn’t matter.

Should you help Juan or stick with Matt in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 juan drink refuse choice

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This one feels more meaningful – there’s a tension-ratcheting timer and that tell-tale little split path symbol. And yes, this is the choice that does change some stuff – namely which quest you’re doing afterwards. 

Choose to stick with Matt and business continues – Juan tells you that you need to find a man named Demoulin who has the UV lamps you need, kicking off a quest called The Lost Light. This is a fairly short mission that has you track down Demoulin, get the lamps’ location, and pursue it across the city to a building top, fighting a few special Infected and other enemies along the way.

Choose to help Juan and he’ll ask you to pursue a contact of his in a quest called Cathedral, hunting a former GRE scientist with knowledge of bugging technology to spy on Matt. This mission’s a little longer with a big boss fight in it, involving a lot of climbing and secrecy, and is probably the better mission of the two in terms of pure gameplay.

These are meaningful changes, but as we understand it by comparing flowcharts, only in the short term – after a while these two paths will reconnect, as they’re both leading you to the same information. Having got acquainted with Juan and Peacekeepers on their floating fortress, you might also need to complete the Dying Light 2 Aitor quest.

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