Halo Infinite Forge Mode features teased in leaked screens

Halo Infinite Forge looks to offer Halo fans their most in-depth official modding experience yet, if a new leak is to be believed. Appearing early this morning via Halo leak Twitter account, Halo Infinite Leaks & News (opens in new tab), several new screenshots offer a glimpse of the kind of tools that might soon be at players’ disposal.

From Master Chief staring down a particular appetizing looking gingerbread house, to a glimpse at Forge’s generous suite of tools via two new menu shots, Infinite’s take on the map creator looks to be the series most promising yet. With players able to create and manipulate everything from Biomes and structures to Props, to Lighting and Gameplay, what’s showcased so far looks like the closest Halo has come to offering players fully-fledged mod tools.

This isn’t the first time that players have found a way into Infinite’s Forge mode. Last October, a leaked video showed players a brief glimpse at the kind of map-editor functions they could expect from the upcoming mode, including an intriguing node-based script editor. Ever since the Halo Master Chief Collection launched on PC, the community has been rabidly awaiting the release of a modern-feeling take on the maker mode.

First arriving in 2007 as Halo 3 map editor, the mode gradually evolved into a beloved community hub. While Forge enjoyed a long and rich history on Xbox, it’s really the idea of a fully-fledged Forge mode built for PC that has players excitedly shaking their Master Chief action figures. Whether it’s the inevitable onslaught of unique, player-made multiplayer modes or even the creation of entirely new single-player experiences, a well-made Forge mode could solidify Halo Infinite as a multiplayer contender for years to come. In fact, with developer 343 planning a decade’s worth of content for Infinite, Forge feels essential to keeping interest in the game alive.

Unfortunately for fans, however, its release date is still unknown. With an update on Infinite’s Forge mode originally slated to arrive in January, a last-minute delay to the roadmap left gamers chomping at the bit for news on Master Chief’s maker mode. Forge Mode will arrive as part of Halo Infinite Season 3, later this year. 

According to our own Alyssa Mercante, Halo Infinite needs to tap into its community of creators, and Forge is the way to do it

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