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Bayonetta 3 has a no-ass option for less nudity

Bayonetta 3 effectively has a nudity filter for its characters. Just earlier today on July 13, PlatinumGames and Nintendo finally pulled back the curtain on the release date for Bayonetta 3, revealing the sequel will be launching later this year on October 28. Alongside this, PlatinumGames revealed the information below, …

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Saints Row reboot: everything we know

Saints Row is rebooting the series later this summer with the brand-new open world of Santo Ileso. Don’t worry, the chaos and crime will still be there, but with a more “measured” approach, according to a recent interview GamesRadar had with Saints Row devs. Saints Row is clearly trying to …

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Where to get Monster Hunter Rise Pelts

Monster Hunter Rise Pelts, like Warm pelts and High-Quality Pelts are important ingredients in crafting recipes. Like Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelts you’re going to need at least a handful over time to make a few vital items. However, unlike almost all Monster Hunter Rise’s crafting bits it’s never …

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