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Where to find Stray Notebooks in The Slums

The Stray Notebooks contain research findings from various members of The Outsiders, and this information is essential to guide Momo through activating the Transceiver in The Slums so he can establish contact with the old crew. With the details Zbaltazar, Doc, and Clementine gathered concerning the Outside, there could be …

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How to get the Stray safe code in The Slums

The Stray safe code is likely to be the first puzzle you discover in the game, as it’s found in The Slums area. This safe with a Mysterious Password digicode attached is tucked away down an alley, and if you want to convert this into those important unlocking digits to …

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NBA 2K23 guide and everything we know so far

NBA 2K23 pre-orders are open, with four different athletes fronting this year’s game. That means we also know the NBA 2K23 release date at last: it’s Friday, September 9. What other key intel makes the scouting report? Lots, actually – all of which will be covered here between now and …

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