Split the goods or fight in Dying Light 2 The Ball is in Your Court

The Dying light 2 split the goods or fight choice in The Ball is in Your Court side quest is made out to be quite an important one – will you work with the Dying Light 2 bandit Klaus to keep the water filters Hubie found, or will you stand your ground and break some noses to keep all the filters and give them Dodger? And when you find Dodger, will you be straight and tell him that Hubert tried to cheat you both? Here are the best outcomes from the Dying light 2 split the goods or fight choice for The Ball is in Your Court side quest.

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Split the goods or fight Klaus in Drying Light 2?

Dying Light 2 Klaus ball is in your court choice

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Having gone through hell extracting some valuable water filters, Aiden emerges to find the bandit Klaus and his goons waiting. Hubie has been less than honest with everyone, and now Klaus wants what’s owed to him – or at least what he thinks is owed to him. But do you hand over a share of the prize or get out your poisonous cricket bats and other Dying Light 2 weapons and mods for a bit of argy-bargy?

The reality is that it makes no difference. Despite there being two obvious choices to be made over the course of The Ball is in Your Court side quest, the actual events and rewards don’t seem to change either way. Obviously choosing to fight starts a confrontation (not with Klaus though, just his hired goons), but even if you choose to split the goods, Klaus turns things violent and you end up brawling with his thugs anyway.

Tell Dodger you helped and have the goods or Hubert tried to cheat him? 

Dying Light 2 Klaus ball is in your court choice

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This is another choice that feels like it should matter, though it doesn’t for reasons you can’t really have foreseen – namely that Dodger already knows the answer to the question he asked you, he’s just testing you to see what you say for the purposes of loyalty and honesty. Whatever you reply, he does pay you and you walk away with the same mission rewards, but if you say that Hubie tried to cheat him he at least does so slightly more approvingly, as you haven’t lied straight to his incredibly gaunt face. Still it makes no difference either way in the long run, so pick whichever you think fits your characterisation of Aiden more.

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