Where to find Fortnite Tover Tokens

Fortnite Tover Tokens are collectible items that are distributed all over the island, and by picking them up you can unlock a whole host of customization styles for the Snap skin. This Battle Pass outfit is supplied with “all assembly required” in Fortnite, and there are technically almost 8,000 different combinations you can craft once you’ve earned all of the distinct style options. Some are available now, while others will be added later on in the season, and we’ve got all of the Fortnite Tover Tokens locations revealed so far.

Fortnite Tover Tokens – Head

Fortnite Tover Tokens Head map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Tover Tokens to unlock styles for Snap’s Head can be found here:

Condo Canyon – Raw Power Head

  • Inside Knepley’s Pawn Shop on the southwest side
  • On the roof garden of Classy Condos on the southeast side
  • Inside the waffle store on the northwest side

Lil’ Shafty – Poptop Head

  • On the junction of two rail lines inside the upper mine
  • At the end of the rail line inside the lower mine north side
  • At the east side entrance to the mine

Rave Cave – Pimento Head

  • Inside the plane on the rollercoaster track to the north
  • Inside the giant Cuddle Team Leader head on the rollercoaster track
  • Inside the main Rave Cave area on the rollercoaster track

The Ruins – Sgt. Brush Head

  • At the top of the main ruin
  • At the bottom of the northeast steps
  • In the southeast corner of the main ruin

Sanctuary – Techa-Snap Head

  • Under the west walkway of the northwest building
  • On the paths east of the main central building
  • Between two fields of crops to the south

Shifty Shafts – ‘Mato Head

  • Inside the highest shack up the mountain
  • Below the red shack on the east side of the mountain
  • Near the end of the tracks on the south side of the mountain

Fortnite Tover Tokens – Arm

Fortnite Tover Tokens

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Tover Tokens to get styles for Snap’s Arms are in these locations:

The Joneses – Mechbasher Arm

  • In the wooden shed on the northwest side
  • Near the camper van on the southwest side
  • Behind the red building on the southeast side

Logjam Lumberyard – Skelly Arm

  • Behind the log pile on the northwest side
  • Near the Reboot Van on the east side
  • At the end of the wooden pier south of the main building

Reality Falls – Classic Red Arm

  • Behind the waterfall on the west side of the area
  • At the top of the Reality Tree
  • On the east side of the base of the Reality Tree

Rocky Reels – Tenta-Classic Arm

  • Under the clubhouse building stairs on the north side
  • In the play park on the east side
  • By the entrance sign on the south side

Seven Outpost VII – Utility Arm

  • By the entrance to the outpost building
  • At the end of the wooden pier on the north side
  • Up the hill by the circular section on the east side

Sleepy Sound – Trailblaster Arm

  • In the middle of the street on the north side area
  • On the white deck on the south coast of the inlet
  • Near the Reboot Van on the southwest side

Fortnite Tover Tokens – Legs

Fortnite Tover Tokens

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Tover Tokens to earn styles for Snap’s Legs will be in these places:

Greasy Grove – Camo Legs

  • Inside the Tacos restaurant section on top of the mushroom
  • On top of a mushroom to the southwest side with several kayaks
  • On top of the tallest mushroom on the southeast side

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