Xbox Live experiencing technical difficulties

More bad news for online gamers. At least, online gamers with no games to play. Microsoft is now reporting significant service issues for certain segments of the Xbox Live Marketplace which … (*quickly checks system) … yup, are still affecting the Games for Windows-Live Marketplace, Indie Games, and some Games Marketplace functions.

At time of print, both the Indie Games and Games for Windows stores were missing from their usual online hang-out, and attempts to access theIndie Games portal (opens in new tab)online yields an error message. Matchmaking services, account sign-in and general Xbox Live features are being reported as “up and running” on theXbox Support page (opens in new tab).

Foul play or minor glitch in the system? We’re pretty sure this will be patched up soon. In the meantime, please amuse us with your conspiracy theories.

[Source:Xbox Support (opens in new tab), Matt Bradford’s Xbox]

May 25, 2011

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