The Witcher 2 studio reveals incoming promotions and freebies

CD Projekt has announced a slew of Witcher promotions and giveaways designed to generate buzz for the release of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition on both Xbox 360 and PC.

The goodies were announced this week during the studio’s 2012 Spring Conference event. First, for the non-console crowd, CD Projekt revealed that a version of Witcher 2’s Enhanced Edition will be ready for download on PC through, and that it will be available for free to all owners of the original Witcher 2. The PC version version will be available April 17, however fans are invited to begin downloading the bulk of the 10 GB patch starting April 11. In addition, GOG is sweetening the pot with a no-charge, DRM-free digital copy.

As a gift to all fans, CD Projekt is giving away 1000 advanced copies to players who plead their case over at The Witcher 2 website by April 9. It will also be releasing a free digital Witcher comic for iOS devices April 17. The app will star Geralt and allow players to swing swords and de-blouse women using touch screen controls. Classy.

Lastly, Mac fans now have a chance to get in on the Witcher craze from the very beginning with the arrival of the Witcher 1 Enhanced Edition on Steam. The Apple-friendly version is currently selling for $9.99.

Wondering what all the hubbub is about? Check out The Witcher 2 devs detail Xbox 360’s Enhanced Edition, and read our The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings PC super review to see why the upgraded sequel deserves a spot on your radar.

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