Heroes of Ruin release date announced by Square Enix

Square Enix’s set a date for the US launch of Heroes of Ruin, N-Space’s myth-inspired 3DS Roguelike. The game’ll be releasing come June 26, just in time for you to take it out into the bright bloom of a new summer and ignore all your friends unless they’re helping smash trolls and grab loot.

Square Enix will be previewing Heroes of Ruin at this weekend’s PAX East, but find directly above these very words a new gameplay trailer if you can’t make it to Boston in time. The four-player adventure boasts 2012 trappings such as social-gaming elements, voice chat, and drop-in-drop-out multiplayer; as well as more timeless hallmarks of the genre like dynamic environments, varied character classes, and hordes of monsters who exist solely to be killed in exotic ways. Why mess with the classics?

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