Overwatch 2 trailer finally shows off new hero Sojourn

After a lengthy delay, the Overwatch 2 hype is back on with the debut of an origin story clip for new hero Sojourn.

While we already knew Sojourn was on her way from an earlier announcement, now we have the opportunity to learn more about her thanks to this new look at her history within the Overwatch universe. 

The cybernetic hero is a “fierce former captain of Overwatch”, and her real name is Vivian Chase. As the origin video tells it, she served alongside the Canadian special forces during the Omnic Crisis. Recruited by Jack Morrison, aka Soldier 76, she worked as a rescue operative as part of the team. She shows off some killer moves (and a very cool voice actor) in the clip, as well as an even cooler motorcycle. 

Sojourn’s is the most recent deep dive we’ve had into the new faces in Overwatch 2, but there are additional heroes on their way. So far, we’ve seen an additional water-centric hero, but there haven’t been any new announcements to speak of just yet. With Overwatch 2’s PvP closed beta test (opens in new tab) dropping on PC in just two weeks on April 26, it’s safe to say we’ll probably get our hands on Sojourn’s wide range of abilities to try out soon enough.

Until then, there’s still plenty to consider in the Overwatch 2 realm, like the potential of a battle pass or when the game will finally be set to release. We’ve been waiting quite some time, so hopefully there’s some good news on the horizon, especially given the concerning nature of Activision Blizzard’s ongoing legal troubles

Can’t wait to try out a new hero? Check out everything we know about Overwatch 2 while we hurry up and wait. 

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