Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Xur location and Exotics for April 16 – April 20

Where is Xur? From April 16 through reset time on April 20, you’ll find Xur in the hangar section of the Tower. Look for him on the north side up on some scaffolding. Always check his inventory to see how the stat rolls on his Exotics compare to yours, and to snag the weekly Exotic engram and, if you need it, the Exotic cipher mini-quest.

Here are all the Exotics Xur’s selling this week.

  • Exotic weapon – The Jade Rabbit: landing body shots with this scout rifle increases the damage of your next headshot, and refunds rounds to your magazine. Jade Rabbit is still the gold standard for 150 RPM scout rifles. It hits like a truck, has a great sight, and feels good in your hands. It’s an exceptional choice for scout rifle enthusiasts.
  • Hunter Exotic – Lucky Raspberry: dealing damage with arc bolt grenades has a chance to refund your grenade, and hitting four enemies at once guarantees a refund. Arc bolts are among the best arc grenades, so if you want to throw as many arc bolts as possible, this is the Exotic to use. It’s tough to build an entire loadout around them, though, and the effect is unreliable in PvP, where arc bolts really shine. 
  • Titan Exotic – Ashen Wake: fusion grenades explode on contact and travel faster. Fusion grenade kills grant grenade energy. Ashen Wake used to be a meme, but in the hands of a middle-tree solar Titan, it becomes a one-hit kill machine in the Crucible. A fusion grenade kill grants a total recharge in the Crucible, and with enough stacks of Roaring Flames, you can constantly one-shot people with what are basically solar baseballs. It’s worth owning these gauntlets just for that. 
  • Warlock Exotic – Starfire Protocol: gain an additional fusion grenade charge, and recharge your fusion grenade when you deal damage while standing in an empowering rift. Fusion grenade kills grant rift energy. Xur is apparently in a grenade mood this weekend. Starfire Protocol is probably the weakest of this week’s armor, though, with a niche perk split between two abilities. Certain artifact mods can enable some fusion grenade shenanigans, but Starfire builds are generally underwhelming or inconsistent.

The 2021 Destiny 2 Guardian Games start next week – here’s what to expect.

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