Pokémon GO event celebrates the release of New Pokémon Snap

To celebrate the upcoming release of New Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Go will be holding a special event that brings Pokemon from the Lental region out of hiding.

New Pokemon Snap will be released on April 30 for the Nintendo Switch, and to celebrate the event, Pokemon Go will be running a Pokemon Snap event (opens in new tab) that showcases some of the star Pokemon from the game’s new location, the Lental region. This includes some classic Pokemon from generations gone by including Lotad, Cacnea, and Ducklett. There will also be some changes to the raid roster, with Vaporeon, Meganium, and Trapinch appearing as bosses in raids much more often during the event.

As it’s a Pokemon Snap-themed event, everyone’s favourite photobomber Smeargle will also be popping up in the background of your snapshots much more often. You’ll even have a chance to catch a Shiny Smeargle if you’re lucky. Shiny Smeargle is only around for the duration of the event, though he may pop up again in future events down the line. If you need help snagging the painting pooch, our Pokemon Go Smeargle guide has some tips for you.

Rounding out the additions for the event, there will be a camera avatar item and camera-themed sticker set available in the store for a limited time. The gift stickers can also be found at Pokestops during the event. The New Pokémon Snap Celebration starts on Thursday, April 29 at 10:00 AM and runs through until Sunday, May 2 at 8:00 PM local time. You can see the full event notes below:

  • Pokémon inspired by the deserts, jungles, and underwater landscapes of the Lental region—such as Lotad, Cacnea, and Ducklett—will be appearing more often in the wild!
  • Smeargle will be appearing in snapshots more often than usual! If you’re lucky, you might even encounter a Shiny Smeargle! Please note that Smeargle will only appear in snapshots a limited number of times, and while Shiny Smeargle will no longer appear after the event concludes, you may encounter one during future events.
  • Pokémon inspired by the Lental region—like Vaporeon, Meganium, and Trapinch—will be appearing more often in raids!
  • Look forward to event-exclusive Field Research and Timed Research that’s focused on taking snapshots!
  • A camera avatar item and a camera-themed Gift sticker will be available in the shop during the event! The new Gift sticker will also be available from PokéStops.

The Pokemon Go events are coming thick and fast at the moment, as the Pokemon Go Sustainability Week event will be running the week before this one, with environmental-themed Pokemon like Trubbish and Grimer spawning more often.

We’ve also had plenty of news on the New Pokemon Snap over the past few weeks, with gameplay trailers showing off new locations, photo editing, and fan-favourite Pokemon that will be making an appearance.

Find out where to pre-order New Pokemon Snap with our handy guide. 

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