Valve launches Replay System for Team Fortress 2, announces First Annual Saxxy Awards

The update is available now for PCson Replay-enabled servers. It allows players to to record, edit and upload gameplay clips to YouTube or Steam, offering Replay Systemachievements and character taunts to those who choose to flex their amateur directorial skills. As an added incentive, Valve is promising free in-game hats to anyone who racks up more than 1,000 YouTube views fora singlevideo.

To kick off its cinematic update, Valve is also inviting Team Fortress 2 auteurs to send in their gameplay videos for consideration in The First Annual Saxxy Awards. From now until May 19th, players can submit their Replay creations for one of twenty categories including Most Inventive Kill, Best Team Costume, Most Epic Fail, and Most Pwnage. The winner from each category will receive an exclusive (virtual) gold trophy, reportedly made from 75% Australium. Only 75%? Way to cheap out, Valve.

Complete rules and a few tips for first timefilmmakers are listed at theSaxxy Awards site (opens in new tab).

[Source:Team Fortress 2 (opens in new tab)]

May 6, 2011

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