Cancel date night, Destiny 2s Moments of Triumph start today

You can get a head start on earning your points for Destiny 2‘s Moments of Triumph event right now, after Bungie revealed (opens in new tab) that it’s going live today. You can’t redeem them just yet (or even complete some of them) until Solstice of Heroes goes live in Destiny 2 on July 31, but eager Guardians can get started right away. 

Happy Bungie Day. To all throughout the community, thank you for your passion, your inspiration, and your Light.Starting now, it’s time to begin seizing your Moments… of Triumph! 7, 2018

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As you complete various Triumphs, like defeating 100 Crucible opponents or defeating Calus in the Leviathan Raid, you’ll earn points. Some of the rewards Bungie has revealed include a ‘Comrades in Arms’ Sparrow for 300 points and an Eternally Triumphant Emblem for 400. Players who earn 250 points across all the available bounties in the Solstice of Heroes Moments of Triumph event can also purchase a special t-shirt that can be customized with their gamertag (opens in new tab)

“Other rewards will be available in-game which are directly tied to certain activities that players may participate in for the Solstice of Heroes event,” adds Bungie. “The above listed item are the rewards which are tied directly to points earned for Triumph completions.”

Solstice of Heroes is designed to honor the achievements of Guardians in the first year of Destiny 2. It officially starts on July 31 and will run until August 28, 2018. Destiny 2: Forsaken (opens in new tab) will then launch on September 4 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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