New Star Wars 9 set photos show Finn and Poe *finally* teaming up again (and Chewie’s there too!)

It’s been a long time coming, but BFFs Finn and Poe have got each other’s backs again in these new Star Wars Episode 9 (opens in new tab) set photos. And that’s not all. The mysterious setting aside, we’ve got Chewie standing next to some possible stand-ins for CGI space horses – and we might even have our first peek at a brand-new character! And I have a pretty good idea who it is…

First up, the photos. These cheeky snaps come from The Sun (opens in new tab), though you can see the best bits in the tweet below. There’s Poe and Finn trekking over the mounds of, potentially, a new location. It’s nice to see them back together again after being apart for so much of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (opens in new tab).

Quelques autres photos. On y voit également Chewbacca ! August 2018

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They’re flanked, too, by Chewbacca and a bunch of horses with strange markings on their faces – almost certainly CGI technology – and, yes, Chewie is taller than them which is a sight in itself.

But the real talking point might be the presence of the afroed woman standing with Poe and Finn. Previous casting calls (opens in new tab) went out for an “ethnic female” between the ages of 18-26 to play the role of Caro, a “leader and problem solver.” I could be wrong, but I’m almost positive, judging by the distinctive look and her proximity to both Finn and Poe, that we’re clapping eyes on this new Star Wars 9 character for the very first time. Oh, and would you look at that, we’ve already got casting details on a certain Naomi Ackie (opens in new tab) joining the franchise. It’s hard to tell from the low quality images, but it’s almost certainly her.

If all of that isn’t enough to get you excited for the final movie in the newest Star Wars trilogy – I don’t know what will. There’s our first look at a new character, Finn, Poe, Chewie, space horses… I’m giddy just thinking about it!

That’s not the only sparkling fresh thing we’ve got to look forward to in a galaxy far, far away. There’s some new new Star Wars movies (opens in new tab) on the horizon, too.

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