Twilight Scripter: Breaking Dawn Was Daunting

Michelle Rosenberg talks exclusively about adapting Breaking Dawn in the new issue of SFX

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Michelle Rosenberg, the scriptwriter on all the Twilight films, believes that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is far less innocent than the previous instalment in the franchise, she revealsin an SFX exclusive interview in the new issue (#216, out on Wednesday).

She tells us, “I was very wary of that first section of Breaking Dawn . It was daunting territory moving from a youth perspective into an adult story. The story in the book is very adult so I kept looking for the romance and the action. But [director] Bill [Condon] kept taking it to the next level and got me excited about it. I was worried but he had such a strong hold on it emotionally and thematically, I just followed his lead.”

She admits to being nervous about writing the film but her collaboration with new director Condon really helped her access the script. “It was funny because this was my fourth [ Twilight ] movie and I was exhausted. At a certain point I was like, ‘Gee Bill, don’t you want to take a pass at this?’” Rosenberg laughs. “You will never hear a writer volunteer that, but he said, ‘No, absolutely not.’ The reason he didn’t have to and still got what he wanted was that he’s the kind of writer/director that knows how to bring things out in another writer, and knows how to communicate in a writer’s language. It’s not about dictating but it’s about collaborating and bringing out the best ideas.”

As well as talking to Rosenberg we also have interviews in the new issue with the three young stars of the saga: Taylor Lautner (Jacob) tells us about his fears of imprinting, Robert Pattinson (Edward) speaks of his fondness for babies and Kristen Stewart (Bella) opens up about the weirdest of birth scenes.

You can read more in the upcoming issue of SFX out on Wednesday 16 November.

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