Zelda-style RPG The Fall of Gods now available for $3 on XBLA

The Fall of Gods is a great example of a 2D retro-style action RPG that remembers a time when we were expected to complete quests without hand holding tutorials and use swords with little or no supervision. It’s been out on PC for some time, but if you missed it the first time around, The Fall of Gods is now enjoying its debut on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel at a discounted price.

The game starts with a fairly vanilla story about a young boy tasked with saving the world as foretold by a prophecy from long ago blah, blah, blah, but combines the magical world’s lore with minimalist sword and sorcery combat – it’s a bit like a fast-paced version of Zelda for NES or SNES, but with more magical attacks.

A free demo of The Fall of Gods is available through XBLIG or from Geex Games. If you like it, The Fall of Gods is only 240 Microsoft Points ($3.00) on Xbox 360, which is a huge discount off the PC version’s $10 price tag. Finishing the game will take you about ten hours, To get the same value out of a $60 game you’d have to play it for 200 hours. And of course with The Fall of Gods your purchase will help to directly support an independent developer, which should provide you with a smug sense of satisfaction no quest can give you.

Sep 26, 2011

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