Super Meat Boy: The Game unveiled for iOS

Super Meat Boy creators Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes announced plans to bring their squishy, protein-packed mascot to iOS devices in a brand new title, Super Meat Boy: The Game.

The Team Meat duo revealed the project this weekend, stating Super Meat Boy’s iOS installment would not be a port, but a completely new experience crafted for iPhone and iPad controls. They also said it may or may not look like a little something like this:

“So as some of you know, we have been playing with the idea of porting SMB on the iphone for some time. Sadly, there was no way of doing this without the game becoming a pile of garbage,” wrote McMillen on the studio’s blog, explaining, “Super Meat Boy is a twitch platformer with precision controls, there was no way in hell this would work on a touch screen with buttons all over it, Super Meat Boy isn’t a game we want to make a sub-par version of just to cash in… So, we decided to totally remake the whole game instead, from the ground up!”

McMillen emphasized Super Meat Boy: The Game would not be a “shitty port of an existing game”, and would differ slightly from its PC and console brethren in terms of style, art, sound, and other aspects.

Understandably, the timing of Team Meat’s announcement has fans accusing McMillen and Refenes of partaking in April Fools antics. In response, McMillen has taken to Twitter to defend the announcement, insisting, “We have always said it is real!” Considering Team Meat has a habit of making big announcements around April fools day (Super Meat World for Steam in 2011 and the Super Meat Boy character Ogmo in 2010) we’re inclined to believe him. Now the biggest question becomes: can they pull it off?

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