Skyrims 1.3 update is live on PC, heading to consoles now

Skyrim’s 1.3 patch is live for PC and XBLA, Bethesda reports. The update’s also live on PSN outside of North America, with this territory to be added very soon. Steam and Xbox players can download the patch immediately, which fixes minor annoyances from the previous update and initial release as well as improving general stability.

Above: If your response to this image is “sweet, that sucker’s on the run now,” this patch comes just in time

The most widely-noted fix of this patch will probably be the game’s notorious backwards-flying dragons, who began appearing (along with other highly amusing variations) after last week’s patch. Also remedied are that patch’s issues with magic resistance; the full patch notes are below.

Update 1.3 Notes (all platforms unless specified)

  • General stability improvements

  • Optimize performance for Core 2 Duo CPUs (PC)

  • Fixed Radiant Story incorrectly filling certain roles

  • Fixed magic resistances not calculating properly

  • Fixed issue with placing books on bookshelves inside player purchased homes

  • Fixed dragon animation issues with saving and loading

  • Fixed Y-look input to scale correctly with framerate

Bethesda notes that a further PC-specific patch next week will address the current version’s problems on machines with more than 2GB of memory, allowing improved performance and stability. We’ve been running the 360 patch for some hours now and our machine has thoroughly failed to explode spectacularly, which is actually a bit disappointing but mainly a good thing.

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