Kojima, Yamaoka and Suda51 team up for Snatcher sequel! (In radio-play form)

When Hideo Kojima tweeted that he’d be using his weekly “Hideradio” podcast to make some sort of announcement, many were quick to point out that a podcast is hardly the place to announce, say, a new Metal Gear. However, the adoration commanded by Kojima’s body of work – to say nothing of his enduring talent for the unexpected – raised speculations that the maestro may be announcing something less obvious: a sequel to cult CD game Snatcher, say. Imagine the jubilation, then, when HK confirmed that this was indeed the mystery project. And that Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka’s involved, as well as Suda51. And that it’s… a radio play.

The Snatcher follow-up is titled Sdatcher, which is what “Snatcher” sounds like if you say it with a blocked nose, raising the possibility that it’s about a flu epidemic? That’s actually probably not all that likely. Anyway, Kojima is planning and directing the work, with music by Yamaoka and Suda writing the script; no cast or broadcast details have been released.

Above: Without visuals such as these, Sdatcher’s voice-acting will have to be twice as intense

Again, Sdatcher is not a new videogame but a radio drama, a format that is actually older than the Intellivision and hasn’t been relevant to mass culture in America in about as long (unless you count audiobooks). Radio dramas are still a thing in Japan, though, with anime like Sailor Moon and games such as the Ace Attorney series getting their stories extended via reasonably high-profile radio plays. So there you go: it turns out Hideo Kojima’s not doing something incredibly odd after all. He’s just doing something pretty normal, in an utterly surprising kind of way. Sounds like our guy, then. Would you be keen to hear an English-language version?

Jul 11, 2011

Source:Andriasang (opens in new tab)

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