New Need for Speed title spotted in EA report

In a new slideshow released today EA (possibly accidentally) revealed a new Need For Speed game will be arriving in the third quest of 2012. While we’re really not too sure what to expect here since the extent of the available information stops at “Need for Speed Q3 2012,” this lines up nicely withrumors (opens in new tab)of Need for Speed Most Wanted 2.

Kotaku (opens in new tab) spotted the results earlier today in an earnings report (opens in new tab) which is, of course, filled with dozens of ways for EA to make themselves sound like the most profitable corporation in the history of industry. However, the Need for Speed logo is touted several times, and it shows up yet again in a section showing their fiscal year 13 (2012-13) releases right next to Crisis 3 and SimCity.

However, even on the logo there’s no subtitle or branding of any kind, so that information may still be pending inside EA. Either that or they’re not ready to declare whether it’s Need for Speed Most Wanted 2.

We’re certainly hoping that it’s Most Wanted 2, as we gave it a 9/10 in our 2006 review (opens in new tab). Given that EA has often had Need for Speed titles at E3 in the past, we’re guessing we’ll hear more about this title in about a month.

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