Men In Black 3 Interviews: Will Smith, Josh Brolin and Barry Sonnenfeld


Total Film recently jetted off to Cancun for Sony’s annual sun-drenched press conference. Among the many films being temptingly waved before our eyes was Men In Black III , with stars Will Smith and Josh Brolin and director Barry Sonnenfeld on hand to discuss the sci-fi threequel.

Here’s the full transcript from the press conference, so you can discover what the trio had to say about the film (while also dealing with some frankly bonkers questions). If the movie’s quickfire banter has half the spark of this chat, we should be in for a treat.

And if you want to see the video footage from the press conference, head on down to the bottom of the page.

Check it out…

Barry, is there an official sunglasses style for the film?

Sonnenfeld: “Oh, no, it definitely changes. In fact, Josh’s glasses in ’69 are different than Will’s in 2012. A whole different technology. As a neuralizer changes, you have to have different filters in there to prevent the neutralization rays getting back into your eye. It’s so obvious, really.”

Will, how has the Men In Black series affected your career?

Smith: “It was really the movie that – it was right after Independence Day , so Independence Day was the fluke and then Men In Black was the, oh, well, wait a minute, you know, maybe he’ll hang out with us for a little while. You know, for me, it was the first opportunity to play comedy on that level. It’s a really strange world in Men In Black and it’s very difficult. You won’t see a lot of fantasy comedies, right? There’s something about the comedy fantasy that it dissipates and it’s a difficult mark to hit. So, for me, it was a really wonderful lesson in comedy and in performance. And with Men In Black III , we sort of went slightly more – not dramatic, but it’s – how would you describe it? It’s like the story is more emotionally centered than the other two films, and we didn’t shy away from the maturity of the ideas, but didn’t lose the fun and the comedy. So, for me, it’s been probably the most tricky franchise that I’ve worked on and educationally it’s one of the best movies and one of the best franchises I’ve ever been around.”

Sonnenfeld: “Really the only franchise.”

Smith: “No, no, no. Bad Boys .”

“Oh, yeah. Bad Boys .”

Smith: Bad Boys . Okay? Sonn, I have other friends.”

Sonnenfeld: “That’s not what you told me.”

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Men In Black III opens in cinemas on 25 May 2012.

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