More Hogwarts Legacy info could be released as early as this week

Rumors surrounding Hogwarts Legacy have led to many believing that some kind of reveal will be made as soon as this week. 

The latest discussion surrounding this game started with a tweet from YouTube channel/podcast @PodcastNow15 (opens in new tab) which said: “5 more days until *supposedly #HogwartsLegacy is shown, otherwise someone is Very VERY wrong. (I personally am not expecting it but we’ll see)”

Following this tweet, PodcastNow released a YouTube video (opens in new tab) discussing their tweet in which they revealed former Hogwarts Legacy developer Troy Leavitt actually replied to their tweet (opens in new tab)saying: “Neither confirming nor denying the rumor, but the timing seems about right to me. I guess we’ll see!”

Neither confirming nor denying the rumor, but the timing seems about right to me. I guess we’ll see! 🙂March 5, 2022

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Not only this, but Leavitt also left a comment on PodcastNow’s video on Hogwarts Legacy giving more context to their tweet adding: “I don’t have insider knowledge, but just looking at the calendar and how the Hogwarts Legacy website is holding fast to a 2022 release date, I expect some kind of official news very soon. […] I would be surprised if we went the whole month of March without something.” 

Taking all of these predictions into consideration and the fact Hogwarts Legacy developer promises more news to share in 2022, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch so expect some news about the upcoming game this month. Especially since it is also rumoured that Hogwarts Legacy could be aiming for a September launch

Alongside this rumour, there’s also another rumour that PlayStation will be hosting a State of Play this week. Of course, we have no way of knowing if Hogwarts Legacy will appear at an upcoming show, however it was previously predicted that Hogwarts Legacy would appear at a PlayStation State of Play back in January, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it did eventually appear at a PlayStation presentation soon. 

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