Sharkula trailer takes a bite out of kitschy horror

Something is lurking in the water, and it’s the Sharkula trailer. 

The trailer, via Rue Morgue (opens in new tab), will likely be the weirdest thing you’ve seen all day, and certainly the weirdest thing with its own surf rock stylings. From filmmaker Mark Polonia (Amityville in Space), Sharkula is a bizarre take on the story of Dracula, set deep below the ocean. 

This hokey horror fest may be one of the most bizarre recruits to the ranks of bloodsuckers yet. Count Dracula’s curse is now plaguing a massive, monstrous shark that’s been chomping down on tourists left and right. That means we’ve got a shark here, already one of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean, supercharged with a thirst for blood that can never truly be quenched.

In a bid to stop Sharkula, even more nautical nightmares are made, including more monsters and new vampires looking to keep pesky humans from sniffing out their precious creation. 

That’s about all we know officially, but from the trailer we can surmise there’s plenty of vampires running around shouting “Sharkula!” at the top of their lungs. Why are formerly human vampires looking to serve a shark? How did this happen? Did Dracula himself turn into a shark, or did he bite the shark before he passed on for all eternity? Why not a bat or something? How does Sharkula escape from the burning rays of the sun when he surfaces to attack? All of these questions and more will probably be answered in the movie. Or maybe they won’t!

Starring Jeff Kirkendall as Dracula, Kyle Rappaport as Renfield, Jamie Morgan as Mina, and featuring a supporting cast of James Kelly, and Natalie and Titus Himmelberger, Sharkula is bound to be a goofy slice of B-movie madness. 

You can swim with Sharkula, the devil fish, when it debuts in June 2022. 

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