Minecraft Links Awakening stop motion video too perfect, says Notch

Curious as to what the opening scenes of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening would look like if they were painstakingly recreated as a stop-motion animation in Minecraft? Probably a little something like this…

The video was produced by the MinecraftA2Z’s team behind last month’s animated Minecraft Tetris short. According to the group’s making of documentary, the project took over five weeks to complete, and is composed of 1167 images plus “a few seconds of video”.

The final result is an impressive feat to say the least – so much so it has Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson questioning its authenticity. Critiquing the video on Reddit, he compared it to other stop motion projects he deemed to be fake, saying, “This stop motion video feels exactly the same to me. It’s too perfect, it would be much easier to automate, and it spends a lot of effort trying to convince me it’s real.”

Members of MinecraftA2Z’s attempted to convince Notch no corners were cut in the creation of their animation, and directed him to their documentary video as proof. Regardless, Notch remained wary, adding, “A timelapse video of people building it would convince me. The 1,167 screens won’t, as I could extract them myself from that [YouTube] video. I do not doubt the level exists. If you DID do this all legitimately, then I apologize, and I hope you find some pride in having fooled me so bad I openly accuse you of cheating. ;D.”

Your turn, all you Minecraft Mythbusters. Tell us: is this the real deal or a really well made fake?

Oct 17, 2011

Source: via Kotaku

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