Turbo Golf Racing is basically Rocket League, but with golf

Turbo Golf Racing is pretty much the golfing equivalent of Rocket League, swapping out Psyonix’s focus on football and cars, with golf and also cars.

The game, which looks just as fun as you’d expect, was revealed as part of the Future Games Show Spring Showcase earlier today.

In development at Hugecalf Studios and published by Secret Mode, Turbo Golf Racing is set to drop on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Game Pass later this year – although no concrete release date is yet to be revealed. 

Turbo Golf Racing will see the drivers making their way down winding fairways to get their oversized golf balls (or really tiny cars) into goals. You’ll flip, dash, and even glide to get there first too. 

Because you’ve got more ground to explore on your average golf hole, your car can also flip out its wings to transform into a plane. There are multiple balls and multiple goals, so it’s going to be brilliantly chaotic.

It’ll support up to eight players in online multiplayer, with cross-platform support across Xbox and PC. You’ll be able to fully customize your vehicles with paint jobs, wheel types, spoilers, shields, boosters, and chassis options galore too, to ensure you stand out from the crowd. 

What’s more, you can check it out before release by signing up to participate in the game’s Beta via the game’s official website (opens in new tab), or on Xbox through the Xbox Insider Program. 

You can also wishlist the game right now on Steam, but if you want the latest updates, you’ll want to join the game’s Discord (opens in new tab) for gossip straight from Hugecalf’s mouth.


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