Bastion is coming to PC

After successfully kicking off the Summer of Arcade, Bastion is headed to Steam on August 16 for $14.99. After its initial PC launch it will become available through other digital storefronts later in the month.

You can visit the Bastion page onSteam (opens in new tab)right now to place a pre-order, or if you can’t stand the wait, the 22-tracksoundtrack (opens in new tab)might tide you over for the next 10 days. However, our official recommendation is to experience the songs at least once through gameplay before so you don’t blow a couple of really cool moments when the songs are used to bolster the game’s narrative. If you’ve already heard them or don’t care for our sage wisdom, the digital tracks will cost you $10 or you can have a physical CD shipped for $15.

Above: We invite you to read our fineBastion review. Spoiler alert: it was great

Aug 5, 2011

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