Hilarious fan made Street Fighter “documentary” tells the story of M. Bison/Balrog/Boxer

A lot of us were probably quick to dismiss Balrog as a shallow individual, a man interested in little more than his fight money. While that may be true, Balrog has been through a lot, and Chubby Boy Films has made a great mockumentary styled tribute to the gloved one (no, the other one). The short film runs about 12 minutes and should be checked out immediately.

The guys that made this short clearly know their source material. The first joke, that Balrog’s real name is Michael Bison, slyly references that, in the Japanese version, Balrog is M. Bison. His name was changed in the American release to avoid a lawsuit from Mike Tyson. The logo for the radio station, KSRK, references legendary fighting game website SRK. Also check out GamesRadar’s very own “The world according to Street Fighter” image at 7:23.

Check out the movie’s official website right here.

Aug 4, 2011

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