First clip from new Toy Story short Partysaurus Rex: watch now

The latest Toy Story short, Partysaurus Rex , has released a first sneak peek clip online, featuring Rex the dinosaur making some new friends with Bonnie’s bath toys.

The new short will be attached to the 3D Finding Nemo re-release later this year, and sees Rex trying to fit in with some of his new pals during one of Bonnie’s bathtimes. The toys like to have themselves a bit of a boogie, you see, and bathtime is when they get to make a real splash.

However, when the water is allowed to drain away, it looks as though the party is going to have to be cancelled. Unless of course, somebody has the ability to turn the taps back on. Somebody with arms, perhaps?

Take a look at the new clip, below…

As far as new characters are concerned, we particularly like the whale-shaped tap sleeve, whose dialogue is fairly muffled, due to the fact he’s got a tap stuck in his mouth. And that jive-talking rubber duck seems like he might be good fun to boot…

Oh, and if you found yourself nodding your head to the party tunes Rex is blaring, it’s a sample of the new music composed by electronica artist BT specifically for the new short. That dinosaur certainly knows how to fill the floor, doesn’t he?

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