WWE 13 attitude era character unlock guide

There are dozens of characters to unlock in this year’s WWE 13, with a great majority of them coming out of the game’s Attitude Era mode. This series of challenges is a throwback to the era of the Monday Night Wars, and is host to all manner of classic moments that you get to relive. There are often multiple objectives to achieve in order to pass each challenge, and we’ve put together this guide to help you figure out just what needs to get done in order to add these fan-favorites to your WWE roster.


There are seven different scenarios in Attitude Era, each with a different set of matches to replay from those moments in time. Every scenario has certain qualifications you must meet to not only pass it, but to also unlock whatever secret characters, outfits, and creation kit tools, are hidden away as a reward. Most of the challenges you’ll face are spelled out for you, but there are a lot of hidden objectives as well. If you want to unlock each and every last secret in the Attitude Era mode, you will have to complete every single objective possible.

With more than sixty total scenarios, not every section will give you a new character. While this guide will detail what chapters give characters away, you cannot skip around in Attitude Era. Each scenario must be completed in order to unlock the next.

A few notes about the objectives: If there is ever a time limit listed, it is in relation to the previous step or move. For example, if the objective says “Within 20 seconds do X action to Y character,” that means within 20 seconds of when you completed the last step, not within 20 seconds of the match starting.

Second, the WWE Attitude moments always occur after you hit a finisher and attempt to pin your opponent the very first time. Opponents will always kick out on this attempt, and the game will enter into a brief quick-time event (usually someone hitting the referee). After the moment, the match resumes in the normal manner.

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