UK set to get limited edition Metal Sonic figurine this autumn. But £154.99 with no glowing eyes? Bah

While glowing eyes would be seriously awesome (but even more expensive), there’s a lot to be said for this little fella. In case you’re not up on your Sonic history, Metal Sonic is the evil nemesis from Sonic CD. He looks just like he did on the cover of that game here, with spiky little fingers and faux-jointed shoes, complete with sparks as he dashes along.

Above: Coming to the UK this September, according to a retail source

Looks great, doesn’t it? Matt was particularly taken with his shoes. But before you get your wallet out or search around for a suitable place to sell your kidney (don’t do that), it’s worth noting that Canada and the US already had a run of these which included an even more limited edition version with glowing eyes, chest and sparks. According to the retail source, we’renot getting that one in the UK.

Above: Yeah, this one is clearly better

Still, glow or no glow, if the quality is anything like the Sonic figurine that we received from Sega recently (which it really should be – it’s made bythe same people (opens in new tab)), it will indeed be worth displaying on your mantelpiece. Or, more likely seeing as only 1500 are being made, well worth buying and then keeping its box forever. Don’t laugh at the collectability of these things %26ndash; those Zelda statues (like the one Meiks broke the sword off by accident) now sell for about %26pound;150 on eBay.

Probably less without the sword.

Above: Master sword? Nah, mate. Master dagger FTW

11 July, 2011

Source:Electronic Theatre (opens in new tab)

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