Twilight writer to adapt Earthseed

Melissa Rosenberg will write and produce an adaptation of Pamela Sargent’s futuristic space novel, Earthseed , for Paramount.

Like it or loathe it, Rosenberg did a pretty bang-up job of adapting Stephenie Meyer’s so-so vampire franchise for the screen, so it’s no shock revelation that the studio have clinched her for this one.

The story follows a group of teenagers, created from human DNA which is being carried into the far reaches of space. Whilst onboard the ship, they’re thrown into a simulated Earth environment to test their mettle.

It all sounds very Lord of the Flies , and a good one for Paramount to option.

Speaking on the project, Adam Goodman, Paramount Pictures Film Group President, said “Ever since I was a kid, it’s been a goal of mine to see Earthseed get to the screen in an awesome way,”

For now, things are still a little up in the air, with Rosenberg supposedly working on a Highlander reboot. So we’ll just have to wait and see…

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