Justice League movie coming in 2013?

After much back-and-forthing, Warner Bros have hinted they’re looking to launch a Justice League film – and soon!

Jeff Robinov, who takes the WB Presidential oath this week, has been a big influence in the industry for some time.

He was, after all, the one who persuaded Chris Nolan to include the Batmobile in Batman Begins.

Now, according to an interview with the LA Times, he plans to see the superhero ensemble take to the screen in 2013.

Whilst this is very exciting stuff, the prospect of a 2013 release may seem a little implausible with The Dark Knight Rises and Superman: Man of Steel remaining the studio’s focus until the end of 2012.

Take with a few grains of salt for now, but with The Avengers hitting cinemas next year, a Justice League movie definitely seems more of an inevitability than a possibility.

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