Best Trials Rising custom tracks: Our favorite Track Central picks

Trials Rising (opens in new tab) has some of the best level designs in the series, but crafty players have taken things even further with the powerful Track Editor toolkit. With the Track Central menu, it’s easy to share your own course layouts or download popular creations and go for the best times, driving your motorcycle with pinpoint precision to overcome any obstacle. Unfortunately, playing through the best Trials Rising custom tracks won’t grant you profile experience to help you level up faster, but they can provide a much needed break when you’re sick of the “Do 36 backflips” nonsense of some late-game Contracts. 

To help give you a sense of what’s possible and just how fun these player-created levels can be, I’ve combed through all kinds of courses – from top-trending tracks to lesser-known submissions – to bring you the very best Trials Rising custom tracks. For the sake of general accessibility, I’ve opted to steer away from tracks designed for top-tier Ninja difficulty (though if you’re keen on those, check out “Solstice” by ZZZZZZach and “A new dawn [EZ]” by CavemanDave247). When searching for levels in Track Central, make sure you copy the start of the name exactly, as the search function can be a bit finicky. Perhaps playing these inventive, lovingly designed tracks will inspire you to make your own – and be sure to give an Upvote to any course you enjoyed conquering. 

Dark Souls 1 

Created by: Fadelikat
Difficulty: Listed as Easy, but should be Extreme

It’s fitting that a Trials Rising custom track based on FromSoftware’s famously difficult, hugely influential action RPG would be a true test of skill. This track beautifully captures the vibe of the Northern Undead Asylum, the starting area of the first Dark Souls, filled with hard-to-navigate rubble and bunny hops across precariously placed pedestals. Other game-themed levels are funny, short-lived recreations (like Mario Trials by kanadankaataja, where you ride atop a Yoshi-shaped bike), but Dark Souls 1 manages to evoke the atmosphere of the original source material while also being a fantastic, challenging level in its own right.

Lynx Bros. Circus 

Created by: SteveTheThieve1
Difficulty: Easy

This flashy course is so well made, it feels like a lost level that was originally part of the main game. Take a ride through the circus (Helium bike recommended for the full clown effect) as you cruise across a tightrope and perform high-flying jumps under the spotlight. This track makes brilliant use of multiple paths to incentivize repeat playthroughs in pursuit of the best times. Just be warned that the sheer amount of particle effects and objects in the Lynx Bros. Circus may cause a bit of slowdown.

Jeepers Creepers 

Created by: I_Speaks_Gooder
Difficulty: Easy

There are so many amazing details in this short little tour through a psychedelic, nightmarish hellscape that it’ll demand multiple rides. Your eyes might choose to focus on a disgusting egg sac, a hideous pink blob, or a lurking alligator taking refuge in a cracked eyeball. But there’s no missing that colossal, Lovecraftian horror midway through the track, and the entire stage makes amazing use of background and foreground set pieces. If you dig the freaky vibe of this track, you should also check out “Tomb of the Mutilated 1.” by snaglog.

Shang Tsung’s Courtyard 

Created by: DarkmanSeven1
Difficulty: Extreme

If you’re looking forward to Mortal Kombat 11 (opens in new tab), you’ve come to the right place. This amazing recreation of the classic Mortal Kombat stage has it all: pitch perfect music, ornate sculptures, and even a crowd of construction workers posing as Shang Tsung’s legion of spectating monks. Your bunny hops better be on point to take on the Extreme layout of this track, though the generous checkpoints make it so that you can work your way up to crossing the finish line if you’re persistent enough. If I can manage it after 123 faults, you can do even better! 

[KRO] Quickly Temple 

Created by: kronenb
Difficulty: Medium

I always love a good temple track, and while Trials Rising’s campaign includes a couple, they don’t capture the same scope as Quickly Temple. This course feels like riding through an Indiana Jones set on a motorcycle, as you blast through a waterfall at the start and cruise through a lush rainforest on the way to an ancient shrine. The depth of the jungle backdrop is impressive, and the flow of the track is incredibly satisfying.

XPL Aladinette 

Created by: IIXzampleII
Difficulty: Listed as Easy, but should be Hard

If you’re bummed about how weird Will Smith’s Genie looks in the new live-action Aladdin (opens in new tab), push his blue visage out of your mind with a ride through this pristine desert palace. You’ll encounter plenty of tricky angles in this course that demand mastery of throttle control, and the sunny backdrop is a sight to behold, looking like it’d be right at home in a Prince of Persia game.  

Incompetent Infantry 

Created by: PsyG1969
Difficulty: Medium

The theme of this track is wonderfully unique: ride across some rickety, explosives-laden rooftops on a makeshift army base where hapless soldiers are firing off missiles. When you’re not distracted by the hootin’ and hollerin’ of the drunken troops, you’ll be admiring the striking color palette set against a pink sky, and the set pieces that pepper the level as you do your best to avoid detonation. Incompetent Infantry also has one of the best end-of-level animations I’ve seen across Track Central yet.

Ninja for Beginners  

Created by: SyTaCRainbowZz
Difficulty: Extreme

Let’s be honest: Trials players who can effortlessly take on Ninja-difficulty tracks are few and far between, as most players (like me) see them as borderline impossible and can only watch in amazement when replays show us how it’s done. But if you want to build your way up to the motorcycle mastery needed to beat a Ninja track, Ninja for Beginners will teach you some baby steps with clear-cut challenges and forgiving checkpoints. To beat it, you’ll need to attempt all kinds of demanding lean techniques, and the kind of throttle control that lets you climb up nearly vertical walls.

The Nightmare 

Created by: xXWarOwlXx
Difficulty: N/A

No, this isn’t a Trials track per se, but I wanted to include The Nightmare as an example of the brilliant creativity that’s coursing through the Trials community. Like the “Marble Zone” track by TheRuinDruid that recreates Marble Blast, The Nightmare transforms Trials into another game entirely. Suddenly, your 2.5D motorcycle platformer has become a rudimentary first-person horror that packs some seriously creepy atmosphere despite its simplicity. Most of these ultra-impressive modifications of the Trials formula as usually listed as Skill Games, so poke around and see what you can find once you’ve survived the terrors of The Nightmare.

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