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Saints Row reboot: everything we know

Saints Row is rebooting the series later this summer with the brand-new open world of Santo Ileso. Don’t worry, the chaos and crime will still be there, but with a more “measured” approach, according to a recent interview GamesRadar had with Saints Row devs. Saints Row is clearly trying to …

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10 games to make you feel good

The best feel good games offer some much-needed comfort during tough times. Whether it be because they give you a welcoming space to get lost in for a while, help you take your mind off of your troubles with relaxing puzzles and activities, there are plenty of games out there …

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The 25 best DS games of all time

The best DS games reflect just how unstoppable Nintendo’s dual-screen system was. The handheld console launched in 2004 and was supposed to sit between the GameCube and Game Boy Advance, although it didn’t take long for the DS to eclipse both. As it stands, the Nintendo DS has shifted over …

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