The backlash to Sonic’s movie design is proof that you should never make the internet mad

So, the design for the movie version of Sonic was released recently, and to be frank, it’s got most of the internet thinking that it’s trash. The eyes aren’t right, the feet are eerily realistic, it’s just plain wrong. But just like when that nightmarish fan art was spawned after Sonic’s silhouette got leaked (opens in new tab), the internet has come up with two responses: either they’re providing thoughtful alternate designs or just mocking the movie version of Sonic relentlessly. Below you’ll find some of the choice responses I’ve found, but let me tell you right now: you’re either going to come out of this article sad that Sonic doesn’t look like some of these designs, or just straight-up ruined. You have been warned.

The good

These suggestions come from fans eager to see the Sonic they remember on the big screen, so there’s Sonic’s weirdly connecting eyes (but hey, you do you, Sonic), his trademark big red shoes, and his gloves. Oh, what could have been…

The bad

Now, these responses to the movie Sonic are fitting considering the period of mourning the internet is going through. A moment of silence, please. 

Plus the horrible truth:

The ugly 

Ready to have your eyes bleed? These are the worst of the worst, showing the unbridled rage felt by the internet at having their beloved blue hedgehog disrespected in such a way. You might have nightmares about some of these. Just sayin’. 

And finally, the Sonic that deserves a horror game all to himself. 

I’m sorry you had to see that. But hey, if you want something a bit more positive in your life, check out our list of the best upcoming movies (opens in new tab) and cry away your pain for Sonic. Or just look below to see the movies you should keep an eye out for in 2019. 

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