Leonardo DiCaprio considers A Star Is Born

leonardo dicaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio could be about to join Beyoncé in her update of musical A Star Is Born.

Director Clint Eastwood is apparently lobbying hard for DiCaprio to join the production. If he does, he’d play an alcoholic star who gets involved with the on-the-rise stunner.

Eastwood and DiCaprio are currently working together on the J Edgar Hoover biopic and Eastwood is using that time to talk to DiCaprio about A Star Is Born .

That seems to put paid to rumours that Will Smith was in talks to join the musical, even if Eastwood’s discussions with DiCaprio are far from official at the moment.

Will DiCaprio do it? We know he’s pretty ballsy when it comes to making leftfield choices, and for an actor now best known for his sinewy dramas, there’s nothing more ballsy than taking on a musical. Fingers crossed.

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