SimCitys Glassbox Engine shown off in new developer video

While SimCity’s never looked shabby per se, neither has the series historically been big on showing off the hottest chip-melting graphics capabilities. So when EA and Maxis started making big noises about the GlassBox engine driving the SimCity reboot confirmed for 2013 (opens in new tab), it was obvious the tech would be used for more than just making your SimCitizens look a little fancier than usual. Here’s gameplay lead Dan Moskowitz with a look at how the engine drives the game’s look and play.

It’s not often you get an officially-sanctioned peek at a big title during this stage of development, and we’re pleased to see the GlassBox tech being used to create deep links between the game’s cosmetic and interactive components. And if this is what the developer’s willing to share, imagine what sort of tricks are being kept under wraps. Expect more details on next year’s SimCity soon.

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