PSN Store gets three new PS2 Classics and Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

A generous PSN Store update this week brings several new PS2 titles to players. PlayStation 2 iterations of a few well-regarded franchises are available to shoppers, as well as the full version of 2008’s Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and a PSone title that’s worth a look if you’re a fan of games you’ll never, ever be good enough at.

We gave Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe a 7 on its initial release, recommending the title to Kombat/DC fans open to a little ridiculousness. It’s hard to imagine anything silly intruding into a world where lizard-men fight billionaire vigilantes, but there you go – and now you can play it without having to leave your house.

Meanwhile, on the PS2 front, there’s Raiden III, the 2005 relaunch of Seibu Kaihatsu’s long-running bullet-hell shooter series. Also on offer is the debut title in the BloodRayne series, whose heroine you may recognize from Uwe Boll’s motion pictures or, if you’re picky in your frames of reference, this year’s 2D reboot, Bloodrayne: Betrayal (which might actually be worse (opens in new tab)).

More serene gaming comes in the form of Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, the farming sim’s first PS2 iteration and a worthwhile addition to the beloved series. Or you could go full retro and subject yourself to the PSone’s Magical Drop (originally marketed as Chain Reaction in the US), the 1995 launch title in Data East’s deceptively impossible series of bead-matching action-puzzlers. It’s sort of like Puzzle Bobble, if that game’s unspoken certainty was that sooner or later, you’d be humiliated by a cutesy cartoon Devil. Will you be giving any of these a try?

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle (opens in new tab)

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