Terrence Malick working on two new films

Having been slaving away over The Tree Of Life for the better part of a decade, Terrence Malick looks set to drastically increase his workload with the announcement that he will shoot two films back to back in 2012.

The first is entitled Lawless , and will star man of the moment Ryan Gosling alongside Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara and Hayley Bennett. The second film is called Knight Of Cups , with Bale on leading man duties, with Cate Blanchett (again) and Isabel Lucas also on board.

Two exciting casts then, but what are the two films about? Well, that’s where the details begin to dry up, with Malick revealing precisely nothing about either plot. He won’t even say what genre they fall into! However, this does at least answer the question as to what Bale will be doing post-Batman…

What we also know is that despite the shared cast members and back to back shooting plan, the two films will not be interconnected and will in fact be completely unrelated projects. Lawless is expected to shoot first, although concrete details are not available for either project.

Pre-production has begun on both films however, ensuring Malick will be a very busy man over the coming months. As well as these two projects, he’s also deep in post-production on his as-yet untitled romance starring Ben Affleck, Rachel Weisz, Javier Bardem and Rachel McAdams. We don’t know, you wait an age for one Malick film…

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