Pokemon Go is finally getting the Gen 7 Alola Pokedex this week

The Gen 7 Alolan Pokedex is finally arriving in Pokemon Go this week, much to the delight of ongoing fans. 

As part of today’s Direct dropped to celebrate Pokemon Day, it was revealed that Pokemon Go players will at last be able to start catching Gen 8 Pokemon as of Tuesday, March 1. 

Gen 7 Pokemon were introduced with the Alolan region featured in Pokemon Sun and Moon, which were released in 2016.  

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So far, Pokemon Go players have only seen a few critters from the Gen 7 Pokedex drop in the game, including Alolan Exeggutor.

However, it looks like the entirety of the new Pokemon introduced with Sun and Moon will drop on March 1 at last, including the three Starter Pokemon – Rowlett, Popplio, and Litten.

For now, you’re going to see a lot of Alolan Exeggutor dropping in your Pokemon Go world, just to prepare you for the March 1 drop. 

The update for Pokemon Go was announced alongside a plethora of other news for a range of Pokemon titles. The biggest headliner was the reveal of the first three Gen 9 Pokemon, which will debut in a duo of new games – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

We also got confirmation that the first major software update for Pokemon Legends Arceus is dropping today. Known as Daybreak, it will add a whole new investigation to the title where fans will be figuring out what’s causing Alpha Pokemon to swarm in the Hisui region. Plus, it’s completely free to play. 

However, a brand new story is dropping later in the year in the form of an online anime series – potentially alongside the game’s first DLC – and will be arriving later in 2022. 

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