How to get the No Time to Explain exotic in Destiny

Destiny: The Taken King (opens in new tab) continues to roll out Exotic weapon quests as the weeks go on. Just a few weeks after the Sleeper Simulant Heavy Fusion Rifle (opens in new tab) was revealed, the mysterious No Time to Explain Exotic pulse rifle has been patched in and the new exotic quest is showing up in the Tower. No Time to Explain is the same weapon model of the Stranger’s Rifle – a burst fire weapon that Guardians received after completing Destiny’s vanilla story quest. So, how do you get your hands on this Exotic pulse rifle? Simple. Just follow the steps below.

To kick off the quest, you will need to collect the Cult Ghost from the Paradox Daily Heroic mission. Here are detailed instructions on how to accomplish that: Paradox Daily Heroic guide (opens in new tab) (it’s kind of a pain). When that step is complete, head over to Lakshmi-2 in the Tower (the Future War Cult vendor) to obtain the ‘Not Forged in Light’ quest. If this doesn’t appear, you will have to wait until the next time the Paradox Daily Heroic returns.

Once you pick up the quest, it will require you to pledge allegiance to Future War Cult and build about 1000 reputation with that faction. You can do this quickly by donating Weapon Parts, Heavy Synthesis, Motes of Light, or any other extra materials you have laying around.

Next, you’ll have to kill a Taken Minotaur to collect a Simulation Core. Any Taken Minotaur will do; you can find them spawning in as Taken Lieutenants on Venus and Mars Patrols or you could run through The Undying Mind Strike and hope for the Taken to appear in the first firefight.

After you get the Simulation Core, head over to Lakshmi-2 again. The next step requires you to kill Atheon, the final boss in the Vault of Glass. Hard Mode is not required, so a fireteam of level 40s should be able to take down the time-traveling Vex in no time. When you return from the depths of the Vault, head over to the Cosmodrome to complete the Shadow at Twilight quest. To do that, you’ll have to find a chest in a random spawn location in the Crucible’s Twilight Gap map before you’re overwhelmed by a blinding Darkness.

The final step in the questline is the Blood of the Garden mission, during which you’ll need to summon the boss by killing minion enemies. Kill enough bad guys to fill up the nger meter and the boss will appear to await his beatdown. Keep killing enemies to keep the meter full and kill the boss. Easy peasy.

That’s it! You’ve done it. Return for Lakshmi-6 for your shiny new Exotic. No Time to Explain pulse rifle returns ammo to your magazine as you get precision hits and can be fired in full auto mode. It’s a great weapon for laying down constant damage on Majors and bosses.

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