Oh my god, this Phantom Pain cosplay has actual damn wolves in it

There’s an art to good cosplay. Sure, you can just slap on an eyepatch and combat fatigues and start muttering to yourself about “Metal Gear,” or you can go all out, get every minute detail incorporated into your costume, and then carry a freaking wolf on your back. Guess which one Ben Schamma and Maja Felicitas did for their Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (opens in new tab) photoshoot (opens in new tab)?

Those are gray wolves from Filmwölfe Lobine, a company that specializes in providing trained wolves for filming and photography. Even so, they’re still wolves, and I can’t imagine the guts it would take to put one of those on your shoulders. Hell, I was nervous when I carried my husky home from the park one day, and look how adorable and harmless she is:

In light of these efforts, I hereby decree Ben and Maja to have rank S+ in Badassery. May their Mother Base be fully staffed, their Fultons never fail, and their Forward Operating Bases never be raided.

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