Merlin “The Hunters Heart” Overnight Ratings

Viewing figures dented only minimally by the first half of The X Factor finale

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Merlin ’s “The Hunter’s Heart” was watched by an average of 5.53 million viewers on Saturday night, a slight drop from last week’s 5.66 million, but hardly anything to worry about. Especially since it was up against the first half of The X Factor finale.

While the viewing figures are staying promisingly stable, there’s still no sign of the sudden upswing that occurred over the final few episodes of Merlin last year. That could change next week with (highlight to see, because it’s a slightly spoilery title) “The Sword In The Stone, Part One” , because a) it’s not up against The X-Factor , but a Harry Potter film that’s already been seen by anybody who wants to see it, and b) it’s really good and we’re going to mention that all week, again and again, to make sure you tune in. Yes, we’ve just seen it at a special screening at Caerphilly Castle, of all places, and it’s great fun, with some cracking action. And if the BBC trailer it like mad it should pay dividends.

Strictly won the ratings race last night (blimey, wish we’d put some money on Chelsee), The X-Factor was second and Merlin was third.

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