Max Payne 3 gets $99 Definitive Special Edition

Here’s a look at Rockstar’s newly-announced Definitive Special Edition for Max Payne 3, which goes on sale today. In two months, $99 will get fans a pre-order for the game (obviously) plus two bonus multiplayer content packs, an art book, a CD with some Payne-appropriate music on it, and some tangible objects to remind you of Max even when you’re not playing his game.

Above: Grab 10″ of Payne

The edition’s strongest draw is probably a tie. The 10” Max Payne figurine will turn any bookshelf or counter-top into the mean streets down which a hard man must walk alone, a gun his only companion, etc, etc; whereas the troublingly authentic styling on the bullet keychain looks boss and probably won’t amuse cops, TSA screeners or anyone else who doesn’t get the reference. Besides that, there’s the official Payne 3 soundtrack CD and an art book showcasing “some of Max Payne’s inner demons and vices.” So, drugs.

The Definitive Special Edition also includes two multiplayer content packs for those who prefer their bonuses to be digital. The Classic Character Pack adds Payne 1 and 2 characters such as Mona Sax and Vladimir Lem to the multiplayer roster, and the Disorderly Conduct Weapons Pack adds several attractive blowing-people-up-online options. The whole package is available now for pre-order from Rockstar and Amazon, but you only have until January 15 to decide whether you want it.

It may sound like an easy decision, but $99 probably buys a lot of Valkyr, after all.

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