Lego Star Wars III: minikit guide

Having trouble finding some of those pesky Minikits? In addition to netting you a ton of studs, collecting all the Minikits in a level unlocks a special character, a coveted Gold Brick, and a higher level of completion.

Some of them can be pretty difficult to find, so take a gander through our comprehensive, picture-by-picture guide to all of the Minikits in the main story levels of Lego Star Wars III

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While it may be possible to get some Minikits during your main run through of the game, the vast majority will not be available under after you complete the entire story mode and grab some unlockable characters with new skills. Throughout this guide, we’ll point out when you need a specific skill, but for the most part, it’s a good idea to just equip yourself with a team that has the following collective skills:

– Explosive: Any clone with a bazooka-like gun that can take out metal targets (example: Heavy Weapons Clone Trooper)

– Sith Force: Any Sith character (example: Count Dooku)

– Electric: Someone who can activate electric panels (example: Robonino)

– Bounty Hunter: Someone who can activate Bounty Hunter panels (example: Cad Bane)

– Rapid Fire: Any clone with a rapid-fire weapon (example: Hevy)

– Force: Any Jedi or Sith character (example: Obi-Wan Kenobi)

– Hover: Any character with a jetpack or hover capability (example: R2-D2)

– Astromech: An astromech that can activate special panels (example: R2-D2)

– Protocol: A droid that can activate protocol panels (example: C3PO)

– Small: A small character who can fit into tight spaces (example: Yoda)

– Sniper: Dark character with sniping ability (example: TX-20)

– High Jump: A character who can jump higher than anyone else (example: Jar Jar Binks)

Now that you’ve got your team assembled, let’s begin!

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