Horizon Forbidden West Lego is launching in May

Horizon Forbidden West is getting an official Lego set later this year.

As first reported earlier today on February 15 by Press Start (opens in new tab), the “Tallneck” set will be launching later this year on May 22, and will retail for $79.99. Those familiar with Horizon Forbidden West (and 2017’s Zero Dawn) will recognize the Tallneck as a towering behemoth of a machine, dominating the surrounding landscape.

In all, the Tallneck Lego set will contain precisely 1222 Lego pieces, which should easily fill a day for assembling the big mechanical beast. Crucially though, there’s actually an Aloy Lego minifigure contained within the new Tallneck set as well, which is what fans of Guerrilla’s games will no doubt adore.

The Lego set might be a little further off in the distance, but Horizon Forbidden West itself is right around the corner from launching later this week on February 18. As the follow-up to Guerrilla’s original adventure in 2017, Forbidden West brings protagonist Aloy back into the fold for a brand new adventure, as our hero heads West towards the West Coast of a long-ruined America.

For what we made of the brand new PlayStation exclusive, before it launches on both PS4 and PS5 consoles later this week, you can check out our full Horizon Forbidden West review. Technical analysis of the sequel has revealed that it’s fairly pared back on the PS4 compared to the PS5 version, but Forbidden West actually runs relatively smoothly on the last-gen machine.

If you’re after more brilliant sets to construct, you can head over to our full best Lego sets guide for more.

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