Goon review

Mighty Ducks, cover your eyes! Teeth and swears fly in this adult sports-com where a naive numbskull, crap at ice hockey but good with his fists, is enlisted as a team ‘enforcer’ to beat the crap out of the opposition.

Seann William Scott is sweet and beefy as nice knuckle-head Doug ‘The Thug’, while Jay Baruchel (who co-wrote with Superbad / Pineapple Express scribe Evan Goldberg) is exuberantly foul-mouthed as his yappy mate.

Lionising the pulverising, this is more fun than it has any right to be. The hockey technicalities may alienate, yet the demented, bone-crunching scraps, war-time team mentality and Whip-It style anarchy is addictive.

Rough, rude and raucous.

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