One of Fortnites most elaborate special modes is back and youd better get heisting

Fortnite (opens in new tab) has brought back The Getaway, one of its most elaborate Limited-Time Modes, and that means you have a new chance to work your way through the Fortnite High Stakes Challenges (opens in new tab). The mode was first added back in September 2018, a simpler time when Grapplers were abundant and people didn’t run around with balloons all the dang time. But they did fight to the death over a bunch of jewels and floating vans, because that’s the whole point of The Getaway.

Suit up and jump in. The Getaway LTM is back with more free rewards! 14, 2019

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Fortnite has a staggering array of Limited-Time Modes that change the Battle Royale format. Some tweak the weapons you can find to promote a different kind of playstyle, like the chaotic action of High-Explosives or the stealthy tension of Sneaky Silencers. Others, like The Getaway, change the formula even further by altering the rules and objectives of the mode.

The Getaway starts like a regular mode until four safes float down onto the map as supply drops. These safes take longer to open than normal drops, and inside they hold precious, llama-shaped jewels. Once you pick a jewel up, your position on the map will be temporarily marked and other squads will very likely start gunning for you. Dodge the competition long enough to build your way up to a floating escape van with jewel in hand and your squad will claim Victory Royale. Actually, up to four squads can get Victory Royale in The Getaway, though it gets pretty frantic when only one last jewel is up for grabs and everybody’s waiting for the final van to arrive.

Don’t worry if you’ve heard the misleading reports – Fortnite players on Switch can still team up with their friends on PS4 and Xbox One. (opens in new tab) 

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