Ghost Recon Future Soldier short film, Ghost Recon Alpha, launches

Ubisoft announced today that they’ve launched a high-quality short film based on the plot of Ghost Recon Future Soldier. The film runs about 23 minutes, and contains all the gruff American hunks and rustic Russian locales you could ever want.

The film is said to be a prequel of sorts to the plot of Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and many of the same themes run through it. The high-tech gadgetry that the game is built around is on full display in the film as well, which features silent, self-piloted quadrocopter drones and even an invisibility cloak that’d put Harry Potter’s little quilt to shame.

Head on over to LoveFilm (opens in new tab) to check out the full (free) film. Ghost Recon Future Soldier is due out later this month on May 25 (console) and June 12 (PC).

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